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Yudy is a communication professional, dedicated to television for many years with her successful show WasabiTV in Colombia. She’s also a wife and mother of two children, Romeo and Apolo. In addition, recognized as an expert Yogi for the past 12 years.

Throughout her life she’s always been related to the artistic and musical world, particularly with the support she gave, together with her husband, to her nephew Juan Luis (Maluma) taking his musical career to the highest level. In fact, many know Yudy as “La Tia” because she has supported talented young people to achieve their dreams. She has a platform on Instagram called @lawazzatribu where she exhibits the talents of all the young people who wish to show their skills.

Her style has always been recognized by her true, free, and authentic essence. She’s very aware of the power we all have, hence her life philosophy "Do what you are". Yudy loves to share her ideas and creations, and so she decided to create La Wazza Shop to always set trends with her original style.